Mixed Race Dating Tips: White Women Looking For Black Men

Mixed race dating like white women dating black men is widespread and in fact it is one of the big things in the dating world these days. There’s no doubt that the population of white women looking for black men and vice versa are increasing day by day. One of the reasons of white women seeking black men why is because of the many multicultural dating sites offering free dating services all over the world. This phenomenon created a great effect on people’s lives especially to those who find it difficult to meet their ideal man/woman. Now, it seems that the traditional way of building relationship is nothing but history. Young generations now believe in finding their partners through online social networks. Well, we really can’t blame anyone on this, after all this is the present-day and although many conservative people do not like the idea of online dating or mixed race dating websites, it will continue to inspire people who are looking for a date or people who are seeking mixed race dating tips.

white women looking for black men

Dating Tips for White Women Seeking Black Men

If you are a white woman looking for a black man, there are lots of interracial dating tips or skills you should know to help you marry your soulmates.

1. Physical attraction

Physical attraction is not everything but it is definitely one of the most important reasons how two people end up together. You can’t see a person’s personality without first knowing him or her. And basically, a man won’t ask you for a date or a date unless he is are attracted to you physically. So the next time you go out, make sure you wear something beautiful and that will stun each and every black guy out there. Wear make-up, but not too much. And please wear a dress or something that will show your femininity. Stop wearing denims for a while if you are serious in meeting a single black man.

2. Kindness and understanding

So, once you have a few black guys flirting, make sure to show your kindness and understanding. Never ever become his grandma! Don’t ask where he is at when you are not together. This pisses any man. Show your distinctiveness by not being too clingy. Being a good listener is also an excellent way to attract a black man. Look into his eyes while he’s talking. As a white woman who’s confident about yourself, make your man feels the same way. And listening when he’s talking is just one of the ways on how you can show you believe in him.

3. Be cheerful and happy

Black guys hate emotional women. If there was something that will ruin your relationship, that’s being too poignant. Stop thinking negative and please stop overreacting. If you’re in a bad mood, don’t talk to him for a while. Don’t ever share your negative emotions because it triggers negative vibration. Make sure that you don’t go see him when you’re in a bad temper. This is the time to relax. When your thoughts are better, that is the time to call or see him. At this stage, you can also tell him how you felt and how you feel better afterwards.

4. Communication is key

Another thing that will certainly make a black man love you more is by sharing your ultimate desire. This is an issue that you two should be talking about after a few months of dating, either online or traditionally. It’s a waste of time if you wait too long and definitely not a good idea. Request for a moment to talk about something serious. Gauge him. Black men are easy to get along with and after a few weeks of dating, you may have probably noticed this. At an early stage of your mixed racial dating, don’t hesitate to talk about your and his ultimate desires. This will help you enjoy your dating more and will also help your interracial relationship become stronger. If you don’t know how to start the conversation, simply asking “what you think about biracial kids” or mentioning “interracial marriage” will save you more time and energy. His answer will surely signify if his ultimate desire is same as yours.

5. Share culture differences

Talk about your cultural differences. You know, this is something that many mixed marriages-gone-wrong tried to avoid resulting to separation and divorce. As early as your first date, talk about your cultural differences. It can help you understand him better. It will also help you see if you really like him. This is a serious matter that any mixed racial daters must understand. Tradition and culture as well as religion are topics that should never be avoided. This will help you prepare food on special occasions and become more understanding on situations regarding cultural differences.

6. Respect and trust

When you know your black man is dating another, don’t confront him. Men are great at lying and they’ll do anything to lie. They can even tell you they’re lying because they do not want to hurt you which is of course another lie. So for God’s sake, investigate. When you know the truth and you start confronting your man, your relationship will come to worst. Instead, if you are willing to take him back, allure him with your love and care. This may be too difficult to some but there’s no harm on trying to save your relationship. In fact, sometimes, this type of situation can help a relationship become stronger. Of course, It’s not a good way to keep a good relationship between the white women and black men. I suggest that you should end this relationship if your black guy treat you badly. I always believe that love should be the best thing in the world. In my views, it should be “respect, care and trust!”

7. Be creative and more!

Guys love women who are creative so whether you would rather show your creativity in bed or on some other areas like cooking, you’ll certainly be appreciated more. Men loves to be cuddled, so hug more often, and kiss more often. They love sex. So make sure you enjoy it as much as they do, otherwise, it may pose an issue.

So there you have it, my mixed race dating tips: white women looking for black men! Remember these and you’ll surely have a happy, long-lasting and healthy mixed race relationship.

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5 Reasons Why Some White Women Only Love Black Men

The growing number of white women dating black men is apparent and there are even exclusive interracial dating sites specifically for this type of mixed race dating. Is there any particular reason why some white women only love black men? Or is this something that’s absolutely not a big deal? People say, there’s no issue in this type of biracial dating. It’s like dating someone within your culture—it’s absolutely nothing! But then again, is this true?

Regardless of race, human can fall in love with anyone but the thing is, there’s what we call “preference”. When I was younger, I already have a special feeling with black men. And as far as I can remember during my childhood, I played with black dolls and never did I asked my mom to buy me a Black Men hair dolly. I loved black men. I am not really sure but even during my High School days, I have always thought that white girls date black boys. Maybe because I love their color and their personality in general. I see them as someone who can protect me; like my knight in shining armor and someone who can be proud of me whenever and wherever we may go. I realized that white girls like black boys issue is normal. Black men are also human. It’s not a big deal to fall in love with them, well, at least not for me. If you’re going to ask me what the real reason is why white women black men dating is rampant these days, I can help you with that.

why white women dating black men

Confidence! Firstly, as I have mentioned above, I see black men as my protector. They are confident and you can see it in on the way they talked and carry themselves in any given situation. They look so tough and…..actually, I think they are! By this, I am not comparing them with anyone else. This is just pure observation and opinion.

Hot! Some white women may like black guys for absolutely shocking reasons like any other guys they like. They see a man good in bed, someone so super-duper romantic, someone funny and sometimes so silly! Any women would love someone like that, don’t you think?

Psychological curiosity? Many Caucasian are also into black men white women dating because they want to know the feeling of being in love by someone from another culture. Maybe there’s something they want to prove to themselves. Some people open their minds to interracial dating when they are hurt, in despair and alone—with no boyfriend! So, having a black man gives them the feeling of significance.

Out of rebellion. Some interracial relationships were born out of rebellion. When the white abhors their parents, they look for something they know (for sure) would piss their parents. They know course if their parents are not that overly fascinated with black men and so, what better way to piss them off than having a black men by your side?

Pure Love? There could be a lot of other reasons why some white women only looking for black men. It can also be pure love. Who knows? If you’ll search the net, you’ll find different answers. Some say it’s because they—white women—think black men is more masculine, some also say it’s because they—black men— have bigger willies. So, reasons why white women black men dating is becoming popular vary and it all depends on a white woman’s perspective.

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