5 Important Rules for White Men Seeking Black Women

The rule of the thumb was for white men to go for white women, and black men for black women. Nevertheless, as humans, we have different desires and wanting people from a different race is definitely not a thing to be ashamed of. Sometimes we tend to form stereotypes of races that sometimes we expect people from other races to show some traits or behave in a way. It is important that white men seeking black women erase the notion of racial attachment and accept the fact that they are unique individuals with established principles. The most important factor is finding love, but if you want that to work, you have to be wary of how you comport yourself so you do not lose credibility.

white men black women dating

While there are specific rules, it is important that you approach them as you would a white woman. They are the same in the interracial love between the white men and black women(WMBW). A black woman once joked about a white man who approached her. “My skin is light brown, he was beige. We were just different shades of brown, and the mixture of three primary colors makes it.” A white man looking for a black woman should prepare to be open, frown at racial inequality and keep the following in mind:

5 Important Rules for White Men Seeking Black Women

1. Be ready to accept her as independent.

Black women tend to want a free, independent life and you have to be ready to accept that. Accepting that empowers them to have control over decisions, and will boost their self-confidence.

2. Do not give her the impression that she is inferior.

Sometimes without meaning to, white men give the impression that they are doing black women a favor by dating them. You need to avoid that at all cost. No matter what your position is, you have to make her feel wanted and loved. Do not see her as a tool to gratify your ego, but a companion who could eventually make a big difference in your life.

3. Appreciate her Sexuality.

There is nothing as alluring and captivating to a black woman as much as her own sexuality. Women look into the mirror every other day and see the many expectations they are yet to meet. Their desire to appear desirable exceeds the word ‘desire’ itself. For example, she thinks about that shape she’s been longing to have, she thinks she’s too short or too tall and the list could go on and on. For a white man seeking a black woman, you must be prepared to give sincere compliments. It will make her feel buoyant and refreshed.

4. Be thoughtful.

Show considerate care towards her feelings and be genuine in your ways. A woman likes to know that you truly want to go out of your way to please her. This makes her treasured and cherished. You need to know that the little things eventually make the big differences.

5. Be confident

There is no need to be nervous, no need to be scared. She probably feels the way you do. You just have to set the pace, and breathe. You have to remember, she is just like every other white woman you know. Even if you’re in trouble when the white guys are with black girls, you should be confident to face them and try to find the solutions. Only those brave and smart white men can get the appreciation from black women who would like to spend the rest life with you.

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How to Approach White Women As a Black Man

Interracial dating is an interesting kind of relationship, but the major challenge many face is the mode of approach. Nowadays, it is not about the skin color, it is where the heart finds love and how black men meet white women or white men meet black women. Be it a black man approaching a white woman or a white man approaching a black woman, things can get awkward when it is time to ask her for a cup of coffee, or out for lunch. We sometimes fear what their reaction would be and that may be the greatest hindrance to finding interracial love or having a lasting interracial relationship. Remember, she may never know unless you tell her, and you have to make sure your method of approach does not spoil your chances.
black men looking for white women

How Black Men Dating White Women

1. Be yourself

This may prove to be the most important of all. Very few women like when a man speaks inarticulately when addressing her. To approach a white woman, you need to exude confidence. Be yourself. That will give her an impression that you know what you want. Before going, you could play a game you always win, or take a pint of your favorite drink. Take a breath. Do not look down on yourself. Remember she will not going to harm you for asking her out and the worst is that she may turn you down. Our mind likes to bring up a million excuse, but you have to beat all that down.Color is not the most important issue. The reasons why some white women prefer to date black men is that they find their true love with Mr. right regardless race.

2. Be original

Whatever you are, do not try to fake it. Being real and honest is key to a successful interaction with women. You do not want to start a relationship built on a profile of lies because you want to impress. Every woman admires a man who knows his values and has his priorities right. They especially look toward strength and readiness to allow change and growth.

3. Watch your words

Usually, it is advisable you speak in day-to-day English, and try not to act as if you are in a competition with Eminem. Because of different cultures or living habits, carefully select your words and let your intentions be clear to her. She has probably heard several romantic lines from men, and most of it, boring. Try to be creative with your words and let your sincerity stand out.

4. Comport yourself properly

Ladies like to be respectfully treated. Even if you think yourself as superior, you have to make her feel she matters. Regardless of what your intentions are, a bad gesture may leave a bad impression in her heart about you. Also, try not to get all ‘handy’ with her instantly. Watch her reactions, if you have to touch her, let her give the green light. Whatever you do, try not to appear desperate. If you work in the same place, ensure you wear your best smile at all times. Remember your friendliness removes whatever restrictions she may have towards you.

In conclusion, watch your appearance. Be neat. Ladies want a presentable man. Remember first impression matters. Look your best when approaching her. Don’t forget, be confident. Say hello.

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Best Spots for Interracial Dating in Chicago

Aside from Chicago being known as one of the best cities when it comes to tasty distinct food, it is also one of the top cities (actually 4th) when it comes to racial diversity. And so finding the best spots for interracial dating in Chicago is not that difficult. Biracial dating, interracial couples and mixed families are very common anywhere in this place.

Local Interracial Dating Spots in Chicago – Where to Go

interracial couple in chicago

Big Jones
Big Jones is located in Andersonville. It is well known as an awesome spot where you can get your Southern and Cajun food. If you are not fond of spicy or hot tasting foods, this is not an ideal place for you. But if you’re main purpose is to meet your date beyond your race, Big Jones is surely one of the best places in Chicago for interracial dating.

Green Mill
All year round, Green Mill cocktail lounge is enjoyed by many people from different races. You’ll get to appreciate your date even more when you go to this oldest run jazz—a place for poetry performance located in Uptown Chicago. Green Mill was known in 1907 as Pop Morse’s Roadhouse and was renamed Green Mill Garden after a few years. This day, it’s well-known as one of the best spots for interracial dating in Chicago.

Rittergut Wine Bar
Ritter gut is located in Wacker Drive. If you want to meet someone from another race who’s into mixed race dating, Rittergut Wine Bar is the place to go. It’s famous for its awesome outdoor seating area— picture-perfect spot for a happy hour for interracial dating in Chicago. Expect the place to be packed with beautiful single people looking for singles to date while having their fave Rittergut wine.

The Hideout
Saturdays and Tuesdays are the best days to go visit The Hideout. It’s situated in Noble Square, West Town. On Tuesdays, you’ll get to relish the Bluegrass band playing their phenomenal selections of music. If you’re into group dating, The Hideout is a hot spot for you and your friends, and your friend’s date too. Enjoy the wide array of The Hideout’s drink from their menu. Fun, music, drinks and a whole lot of people from various places and races—this is what The Hideout is known for. It’s a hide out for everyone looking for some fun.

Del Seoul
Looking for place to feel at home can never be this easier at Del Seoul. This is where you’ll see beautiful friendly people who are products of interracial dating and mixed marriages. These days, it’s not only popular as one of the best spots for interracial dating Chicago, it is also known as the best selfie spot! Their menu includes Kalbi, Mondu and BiBimBop so eat, drink, enjoy and take a selfie with your date at Del Seoul!
Be sure to visit these places mentioned above whether you are still on the lookout for someone to date or searching for a place where you’ll never feel alone as a couple. These best spots for mixed dating in Chicago will certainly make your date one of a kind.

Chicago Interracial Dating Sites

As we know, the Chicago has been the the fourth city in the USA. Interracial dating sites are the best way to seek singles whose race is different from yours. Besides, almost most of the interracial dating websites have covered the online interracial matchmaking service for the singles who’re living in the Chicago city. If you have any problems to find the best interracial dating sites, I suggest that you should read some reviews of the website that you want to join.

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How to Find Partners on Dating Site Interracial Match

Are you black women looking for white men or black men seeking white women? You need an Afro romance dating site for black singles looking to date outside your races. You know one of popular interracial dating website Interracial Match (interracial match review)? It’s a interracial singles central website which designed for black women or black men dating other races online. And it has been launched for over 15 years and become one of the largest websites for interracial dating. its members mainly come from the US, Canada, UK and Australia. If you are looking for interracial singles on InterracialMatch.com in those countries, it will be much easier because of a large amount of member bases and quality matchmaking service. Today I will tell you how to find a partner on the dating site InterracialMatch.com.

interracial match

Firstly, you should sign up for free and perfect your profile. You should write your “about me” and “about my match” carefully to make sure that people contact with you are those you’re looking for. It’s better that you can upload your best and favorite profile main photo and over 5 high quality photos in your album. Pictures can express more words than you expect and prove that you’re serious and real person. Besides, it is totally free that you upload your passport or driver’s license to verify your account. There is no daunt that you can get at least 5 times exposure to get more opportunities to find your Mr. or Mis. right.

As everybody knows, social person always get more attention no matter where you go. You can update your status and share your moment about what you see or what’s your feeling. It sounds cool to let more people know what you’re doing or thinking or your favorite thing.

And there is an awesome feature I have to introduce – Let’s Meet. It’s a feature on the website like Tinder. You can like someone anonymously and the system will introduce you to the one you liked. If he or she like back, you both will be matched together. It’s fun and get easier to find partners with mutual likes.

Another important way that you can meet target interracial singles is to filter someone with preference Search function. You can search by Verified, Height, Location, Professions, Race, Religion and more.

Then, don’t wait! You can be active to start a conversion to the person that you’re interested in. Unfortunately, it’s not a free feature to initiate a conversation. But it’s worth upgrading your account to access the premier feature. When you sent email or message to someone, then they can check it for free. And if they are interested in you as well, they can reply your messages for free.

Before you join any biracial dating website to explore the benefits of interracial marriages, you’d better know those online matchmaking service very well. It’s much easier to make a wise choice after you read the rating, ranking and reviews of some popular good interracial dating sites.  If you want to join the interracial dating website Interracial Match, just follow the above the online interracial dating tips to find your right partner.

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Atlanta Interracial Dating Tips: Where to Date Singles Outside Races

Everyone knows that online interracial dating sites play a very important role in facilitating couples with different races. No matter what kind of interracial relationship you’re looking for, the black women white men or white women black men, interracial dating sites in the Atlanta should be your first choice when it comes to mixed race dating for you. Here are some reviews of top 10 interracial dating websites will help you make a wise choice before you join an online interracial hookup community. However, the another important way to meet interracial singles who want to seek soulmates from other race is that you go to some local offline interracial dating clubs or bars.

Although Atlanta, GA attracts a lot of different people from around the globe, it’s best to know the top places where to date singles outside races in Atlanta to be sure you are making the best move if you want to date interracially in the city.

After many days of research such as reading reviews from various different resources and getting feedback from people who have lived and visited Atlanta, today, I am going to show you the interracial dating tips about the best spots to meet singles outside your own race in the Atlanta. And I am not only talking about any places here, I’m talking about HOT spots where you and your date will surely enjoy your moments together. And just like the both of you, you’ll also see people dating educated, and motivated singles outside their own races.

Atlanta interracial dating

Best Interracial Dating Spots in Atlanta

Martinis & IMAX
If you’re into a different kind of thing, head on over to Martini & IMAX—one of the most popular places in Atlanta where you can experience culture and cocktail with your friends and meet new friends at the same time. It’s open from 7pm to 11pm on Fridays. It’s one perfect place to meet singles from other races for the first time.

JCT Kitchen & Bar
If you are looking for a more comfortable but classy place to hangout where Southern food is served, try JCT Kitchen & Bar. It’s known to be a place where upscale professional spend their nights to meet and date single professionals while enjoying the historic train tracks of Atlanta.

The Book House Pub
If you and your partner is more into a casual setting and great tasting beers, try the Book House Pub. It’s a very nice outdoor tiki bar and it isn’t that crowded. It’s a well-known place where to meet interracial singles in Atlanta especially during Mondays and Wednesdays.

Whiskey Blue
Whiskey Blue is a perfect place to drink your favorite beer. The place is comfy, modern and very attractive with images of classic rockers arranged on the paneled walls. The view is perfect. It has a glass elevator that goes up to 125 feet. This place is truly one of a kind for guests who love the beautiful views of Buckhead and Lenox Square. They have friendly personnel too!

Wrecking Bar
Some people like to stay in a much more romantic place—a place where you’ll never feel that certain feeling anywhere else unless you go to a spot like the Wrecking Bar. This bar which is set up under the 20th Victorian house is located on the edge of little five points. They offer amazing variety of house-made and cocktails which is perfect for your special date no matter which race or ethnicity he or she may come from.

Turner Field 755 Club
The Turner Field is a great place to hang out anytime of the year. Most professional singles from various races hang out at the Delta Sky 30 Lounge, so for sure, you’ll be able to amaze your single date outside your own race. This place is where people meet during special events such as team building. Social gathering, corporate meeting and more. Located in downtown Atlanta, its own collection of historic baseball photos is just one of its attraction.

There are other ways in case you are wondering where the best spots for interracial dating in Atlanta such as outdoor places that are ideal for trekking, hiking and camping if both of you enjoy adventure.

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Interracial Dating Dos and Don’ts

Many people today do not know that there is a different approach to different relationships, and therefore make mistakes when venturing into a new kind of relationship. Interracial dating is unique, and offers promises of a lasting love life. However, it is important that you take note of some of the following dos and don’ts for interracial dating.

interracial dating skills: dos and don'ts

Dos of Interracial Dating

Do remove all sentiments.

When it comes to people from other races, there are times when we want to be cautious with them because of stories that we’ve heard. This reduces the chance of finding true love in the relationship. Understand that every race has its bag eggs and the actions of an individual should not be used to judge the actions of others. It is our personality that defines who we are and not our skin color. Give your partner an opportunity to show their amazing sides without thinking of how that Hispanic or Black man tried to rob you in a train station.

Do find out all you can about your partner’s background.

Your partner wants to believe that you truly care about them, so take time to find out about their background on your own. Such findings with help you discover the beauty of their background. It can even serve as starters, or help in your conversations. For example, terms which are considered harmless may be termed offensive whey they come from.

Do be proud of your relationship

Many people go into interracial dating and end up hiding their partners from friends and family. You should understand that you are not doing something wrong, so you should not be ashamed of holding their hands in public or having fun together. You are the one that decides your happiness, don’t let anyone take that away from you. In love, help your partner fight against discrimination.

Do be honest and communicate

Sincerity is one of the most important factors in a relationship. If you have any reservations, feel free to tell your partner and see how you can sort it out together. Sometimes the problem can be from the family. Be sure to inform your partner about your family’s opinion, no matter what it is. It helps to build an atmosphere of trust in a relationship.

Don’ts of Interracial Dating

Don’t experiment or play around.

For some people, interracial dating is an opportunity for them to satisfy fantasies or add to their dating portfolio. It is important that you stay away from that. Nobody likes being a test subject or have their feelings toyed with. Try as much as possible to stay away from fetishists.

Don’t try to force it.

Allow love to develop between you and your partner. If the relationship is not working out as you planned, feel free to walk out of the relationship and find another partner. There’s someone made for everybody, so find that person will love you without condition or restrictions. You don’t have to struggle hard to make interracial dating work.

Don’t allow other people to choose for you.

You’ll find out that people hold different stereotypic views about different races and more often than not, they are wrong. Let the dating choice be yours. Remember, you are not dating the race but the person.
In conclusion, whatever decision you make, give love a chance and you will be surprised with the happiness that comes with it. There are good interracial dating websites out there that help you to find the right partners, Feel free to use them as well.

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