5 Reasons Why Some Black Women Only Date White Men

These days, interracial dating such as black women white men dating is very common but have you ever wondered why many black women only date white men? Why black women seeking white men are increasing day by day? Did it all start during black girls white boys school days?

Black women dating white men

Some black women are just not physically attracted to black men and so as much as their parents would like to have their daughters married with black men, at this age, they just can’t hook them. And if you have noticed, many whites are also seen with women from other ethnicity. Why is that? Is there something in them that makes women from all ethnicities like them or is it just physical appearance that makes them likeable?

black women dating white men

Just as how black women love white men, white men see the beauty of black girls sparkling: humor, chicness, talent, wit among other things. It’s undeniable. No one can argue of all these facts about black women.

So, what it is exactly that makes black women dating white men interesting? Actually, anything that makes any person love another person regardless of their ethnicity is interesting and wonderful. Love and relationship is wonderful and this is the reason why you see a lot of black women white men dating sites these days.

There are more serious reasons why many black women looking for white men are growing. So, I am sharing you what I have learned and observed regarding black women and white men dating.

I want to emphasize though that this observation is not supposed to compare white men from the rest of the men in this world. This is merely an observation and I am only sharing what I have learned based on my research and observation regarding this matter.

5 Reasons why some black women only date white men

Serious in a relationship – what I see, noticed, read, heard and observed is that white men are serious when it comes to relationship. If they like someone, it would be very obvious for that someone to notice. But if they don’t, they vanish instantly. This is actually one of the major reasons why some black women only date white men.

Security – people may argue that a lot of women from other cultures date and marry white men for security reasons. It is hypocrisy to say that this isn’t one of the reasons why many black women or any women for that matter marry white men, aside from physical attraction. It may not be the reason at all to some but it is undoubtedly one of the major reasons why women–young and old—are looking for white men to date and marry in the long run.

Enthusiasm – what makes any woman like a man from any culture is their own interest to learn different culture. It’s easy to fall in love with someone whose culture and tradition is different from yours if you know and understand theirs.

Respect – it’s easier to like someone who respects us. And I find white men to have this characteristic. They respect us—women, no matter where we come from.

White men think and prepare for their future – if you’re an observer or a reader, you would also notice how serious white men are regarding their future—children’s future, retirement and sickness. So, how can one not fall in love with someone who is serious when it comes to future, love and relationship?


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